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True Crime Paranormal

True Crime Paranormal

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The Psychic Sisters have been podcasting together for 10 years. True Crime Paranormal developed out of a love for true crime and all things paranormal and psychic.

True Crime Paranormal offers a variety of unsolved  cases covered in true crime style with a twist! After the case is laid out by one of the sisters, the other does a cold reading on the case to determine what really happened.

The sisters go live on YouTube weekly to interact with you! On Wednesdays at 8 pm MST they provide a live stream case update and take your questions. On Thursdays at 8 pm MST the sisters go live for their Thursday Psychic Show where they teach from their vast metaphysical knowledge and take reading and healing requests out of the live chat.

Misty Mountains



Katie Weaver

Executive Producer & Host

Katie Weaver has been hosting new age radio shows and podcasts for 10 years. She got her start on Blog talk radio, followed by a stint on CBS New Sky radio. For the last 8 years, she has made her home at 12Radio.com, doing psychic radio. In addition to 12Radio, Katie hosts the popular True Crime Paranormal podcast and videocast. 


Kristi Brower

Executive Producer & Host

Kristi Brower has been podcasting for 10 years. You may have heard her on BlogTalk Radio, CBS New Sky Radio, 12Radio.com, YouTube and all major podcast apps. Kristi has a passion for the spoken word, and finds joy in sharing her knowledge and experiences with her listeners around the world.

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Katie has worked as a professional psychic advisor for 15 years, both in-person and on the phone. She is currently seeing clients by phone, chat, and video chat at 12Listen.com. Her gifts include mediumship, psychic work, energy work, past lives, and animal communication.

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Kristi has been providing spiritual counseling and support to others all of her life. As a child she felt other people's pain acutely, and has always been motivated to help others live a happier life. Kristi uses her skills as a psychic, master healer and social worker to help find clarity, peace and happiness in any situation.




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